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The HR Engineers focus on helping you protect and grow your bottom line. By providing advice on Labor Compliance and Best Practices we can help you avoid costly fines and litigation. Through the use  of our Recruiting and Performance Management; we can help you attract, motivate, and retain the top talent your business needs to grow and be successful. By participating in our Coaching and Training programs you and your managers will be able to develop and sharpen the skills needed to keep you ahead of the pack. We also offer help and advice on putting together affordable Benefits packages that will  establish you as an employer of choice.

The HR Engineers specializes in providing Precision Engineered Human Resources Solutions for Small Businesses. If your business relies on People Power to be successful, you need HR!

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“Our Employee Issue was Resolved Smoothly and Successfully

Our initial contact with Denise was to get some advice about handling an issue with a member of our staff. We needed to know legally what rights they had, and what rights we had. Our questions and concerns were answered. Work was done in a timely fashion. Our issue with the employee was resolved smoothly and successfully.  To prevent this kind of situation in the future the policies Denise suggested are now part of our new employee handbook.
Many small businesses do not realize the benefit of having an Employee Handbook created by a knowledgeable industry expert.  Although we have had an employee manual for years we wanted to make sure that ours was within the legal scope and represented best practices in the industry. We found that although not bad, we were not completely in compliance.
Our employee’s have received the new handbook and are being held accountable to the information and policies contained within. We now have peace of mind knowing that our employees are protected and the business is protected. We all want to do right by our employees and this helps us do that while giving us the protection we need. Hiring Denise is hiring peace of mind.
Ken Abrahams
VP Client Relations
FUN Enterprises, Inc.

Six Qualities of Great Managers

“Employees do not quit companies, they quit managers!” Are your Bosses too Bossy? Do your Managers know how to give effective Feedback? Do your Supervisors fail to give good Direction? The person with the longest time in the job is not always your best choice ...

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Massachusetts Minimum Wage Increase

 Massachusetts Minimum wage increase Effective January 1, 2015  Minimum Wage $9.00 per Hour  Service Rate $3.00 per Hour Agricultural Rate $8.00per Hour    

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The Tribulations of Go It Alone Enterprises

Oh-oh! There is a commotion in the outer office. Employee Sue is banging things around on her desk and is muttering over and over again “that’s not fair, that just isn’t fair”! Sue‘s voice gets a little louder and she is heard to say “I ...

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Save 20% on HR Services for 2015!

Book your free initial consultation before Dec 30th and get 20% off our regular fees in 2015 for Employee Handbooks, Job Descriptions and, Training Sessions.   What can HR do for you? If you are like most employers, a major part of your operating budget goes toward ...

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